It looks like Sony accidentally released a backend tool on the PS Store

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Sony went ahead and released an obscure backend application on the PlayStation Store, allowing us a peek behind the curtain into software development transitioning into next-gen.

If you were browsing the PlayStation Store at a very specific time on Monday, you might've noticed a peculiar looking "game." It was $.49, included "PS5 title with upgradable package and trial SKU" in the description, and existed for only a few minutes. If you were quick enough to download the thing, it looked like this when you played it. Naturally, by virtue of having anything at all to do with the PS5, folks were pretty curious to find out what was going on.

Thankfully, Redditor HalfMileRide was kind enough to break down the code into something relatively digestible. Essentially, they say, Sony was testing entitlements on PS5. "A service entitlement is a license that is linked to no actual download, e.g. microtransactions and consumables," the Redditor explains. "There is no use for the app besides testing entitlements directly linked to it, considering that it was removed it's likely no entitlements will ever be available to test."

The exact reason the cryptic application found its way to the PlayStation store will likely never be known, but it sounds like someone at PlayStation goofed while testing compatibility for early server development, and eagle-eyed PS4 players snapped it up for all to behold. Sadly, it didn't offer much more than an interesting glimpse into the great beyond of backend development, but it's always fun to take a forbidden look at what happens behind the scenes.

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