Islamic phrase removed from Zack & Wiki

Political correctness is once again breathing down Capcom's neck as the developer is forced to remove the Muslim phrase "Allahu akbar" from the upcoming Wii adventure, Zack %26amp; Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations contacted Capcom after it was brought to its attention that the frequently-used religious chant, which translates as "God is most great," can be heard quite clearly in one part of the game.

A Capcom spokesperson said: "We have already contacted the team working on the game, and the phrase has been removed from the game and will not be heard in future videos released to the public," also noting that it had received multiple complaints about it already.

CAIR communications coordinator, Amina Rubin, commented: "We appreciated Capcom's willingness to address Muslim concerns and applaud the company's swift and appropriate actions."

This follows recent racial issues arising with Capcom's Resident Evil 5, which has been accused of depicting black people as "inhuman savages."

August 2, 2007