Is the Halo movie back on?

Has the Halo movie finally fought its way out of development hell?

Information included in a French press release for a book based on the videogame suggests a movie is planned for release in 2012 and is being made in cooperation with some major names.

"A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks," says the press release for Halo: Cryptum , after a little translation.

ET go home (before we frag your ass)?

Sadly, Microsoft has already shot down rumours of a rebirth for the Halo movie.

"The information in the press release in question is inaccurate. We have no plans for a Halo feature film right now. Our focus is on developing Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 ," the tech giant told IGN.

Master Chief, where are you?