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Is it worth waiting until Prime Day to buy a games console?

Is it worth waiting until Prime Day to buy a games console?
Is it worth waiting until Prime Day to buy a games console? (Image credit: Amazon)

With July 15 almost upon us, many players are wondering exactly how low the price of everything Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox related will likely drop in the Amazon Prime Day deals.  While it might seem like a weird notion to posit at first, we thought it worth asking the question: Is it actually worth waiting for Prime Day to buy a console. After all, consoles tend to have their prices slashed all year round. And even if the sales are out of season, you can always offset most of the cost by picking up one of the main three as part of a bundle.

Here we'll break down most of the current deals and offers relating to each console ahead of the Prime Day sales happening on July 15 and 16, judging whether or not it's worth waiting for Prime Day to buy a console, out or if it simply makes sense to snap one up right this second. From here you'll be able to decide for yourself if Prime Day is actually worth waiting for in order to buy a console, making an informed purchase decision that’ll get you gaming in no time. Get ready for cracking offers abound.

PS4 – To wait or not to wait?

(Image credit: Sony)

As the world's best-selling console, PS4 makes a strong argument as being the best place to play in 2019. A standard Jet Black 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim will currently net you anywhere in the region of $300 – a far cry from its original MSRP of $399. This looks to be the case across the board currently, with retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and NewEgg all pitching it at this price. However, judging from the movement last year, we're pretty confident that this will drop by at least 10-15% over Prime Day. Better still? Certain PS4 Slim bundles – that come bundled with a specific triple-A game – will likely match this $300 base cost and up the value of your purchase. 

Onto PS4 Pro (the Slim’s souped-up bigger brother that's enhanced for 4K) and you’re presently looking at an extra $50 fee for the privilege. Normally this is a little too steep for players, especially if they don’t have a TV that’s 4K-ready, but we wouldn't be surprised if that $50 miraculously disappears when the Prime Day sales kick in. As such, we'd recommend holding off for July 15  for those hoping to bag a cheap PS4 Slim or Pro on Prime Day. We've seen savings on Pro in past years, and Sony will be keen to shift its 4K console before the PS5 hype train gathers speed in 2020. Here are the latest PS4 Pro deals ahead of Prime Day.

Worth waiting for Prime Day? Yes

Xbox One – Will the most affordable console dip even lower?

(Image credit: Microsoft)

It wouldn't be too controversial to say that the Xbox One hasn't had the easiest ride this generation. Between sending players mixed messages at launch as to the console's main function to being slow off the mark in providing exclusives, Microsoft's console has since cemented itself as a great way to experience third-party games to the fullest. What's more, an advantage of these initial setbacks is that the price of an Xbox One is now always way under that of the PS4 – and with an array of incredibly forward-thinking gaming services and initiatives, such as Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere – bagging one now makes a lot of sense.

The sleeker, more neat-looking Xbox One S has usurped the original Xbox One as the base model, and you can currently for fairly cheap at around just over $200. That's practically giving it away! As for what is widely accepted to be "the world’s most powerful console" in the Xbox One X, most retailers are ignoring the traditional MSRP of $499.99 and beating it by $100 – often with a great game included. The price might change ever so slightly around Prime Day, but not by much. Here are today's best Xbox One X deals.

Worth waiting for Prime Day? No

Nintendo Switch – Is Nintendo likely to drop the price?

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch will have been on the market for well over two years by the time Prime Day 2019 rolls around, meaning that we could easily see Nintendo's hybrid console drop its price by around $20/$40 at least. The house of Mario is famously quite rigid when it comes to reducing the cost of both games and consoles, so we expect Amazon itself to ingest some of the expense and make up the money on both already released and upcoming first-party titles, which we could see slight reductions on, too. 

All in all, Prime Day 2019 should see Nintendo Switches sale anywhere in the region of $260-270 as opposed to the typical MSRP of $299.99. This would leave players with more funds to spend on great games like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and Splatoon 2 to go with their new console. As alluded to earlier, you’re best bet outside of waiting for a seasonal sale like Prime Day is to pick up a Nintendo Switch as part of a bundle, but we'd say it’s worth it for Prime members to wait it out and see whether July 15 has been kind to Nintendo's shiny new console. It’ll be as good a time as any to grab one for a bargain price. Here are today's best Nintendo Switch bundle deals.

Worth waiting for Prime Day? Yes

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