Is BioShock better than Halo 3?

BioShock is better than Halo 3 because of... SETTING

Joe's argument: The detail and creativity with which the world of Rapture is rendered puts the one-note ring world to shame. We saw an inkling of a new concept in the Halo 3 beta: snow. The only thing more banal than an ice level is a freaking crate.

Now consider BioShock’s undersea dystopia, rent asunder by the ravages of unfettered capitalism. Halo’s uninspired settings are a dime a dozen. You’ve never been anywhere like BioShock’s city of Rapture.

Charlie's response: For detail and originality, I'll play BioShock, sure. For exhilarating freedom and unrestrained exploration, however, Halo's your only choice. The claustrophobic corridors of Rapture simply can't compare to the wide open expanses of Halo when you really want to move. A creepy elevator ride can't compare to soaring through the sky in a Banshee or hurtling across the hills in a Warthog.