Is BioShock better than Halo 3?

BioShock is better than Halo 3 because of... ART

Joe's argument: BioShock’s artistic inspirations are based on art deco architecture and cloying 1950s advertising, then passed through a retro sci-fi filter and splattered with gore. Every area offers some new, bizarre spectacle to behold.

From mutilated Splicers with half their face hanging off to the iconic, rumbling Big Daddies, the character design is simply amazing. The detailed décor and watery glimpses of the city create a creepy atmosphere that a million flailing Flood never could. BioShock’s art creates a sense of place, whereas Halo’s Corridor 343 looks just like Corridor 344. Are we there yet?

Charlie's response: You're right - BioShock is a piece of art. But the beauty often feels like something you can stare at and admire, but not actually touch. The impressive scale glimpsed outside the windows and tunnels is always out of reach. Halo's architecture is inspired because of its sheer size and interactivity. Plus, the bright colors and sparkling effects create a serial comic look that matches the space opera perfectly.