Is BioShock better than Halo 3?

Aug 22, 2007

We’re in for one of the hottest winters on record, and not just because of global warming. The sheer quantity and quality of games coming out before January completely boggles the mind.

Nothing, however, is as huge or important as the release of Halo 3 this September. The trilogy capper to one of the most successful videogaming franchises of all time is almost guaranteed commercial success. Okay, okay, it is guaranteed. But just because Halo 3 will be the biggest seller doesn't mean it will be the best game this holiday... or even the best shooter. That honor could go to BioShock.

Hold on, fanboys, hear us out. Perhaps you've heard of BioShock, the "genetically enhanced" shooter that came out of nowhere to capture the public's attention and the critics' adoration... the shooter that's received unanimously perfect scores... the shooter that's already sitting on store shelves awaiting your purchase and enjoyment. Yeah, icon or not, Halo 3 now has a high bar to surpass.

Too high, according to GamesRadar's Senior Editor, Joe McNeilly. He asserts that BioShock will emerge as this year's better game and he's got the unassailable manifesto to prove it. The only thing standing in his way is Xbox 360 Editor and Halo defender Charlie Barratt.

Who's right? Who's crazy? Read on and decide for yourself.