Is Battlefield: Bad Company a Crysis-beater?

After what seems like a long silence, DICE and Electronic Arts have released a new Battlefield: Bad Company trailer, the single-player-based, ultra-destructive Battlefield on consoles.

It's looking damn good. As you can see below in this Swedish-filled dev trailer, there's a massive, sandbox world lined up for the shooter and everything explodes and falls apart nicely, which seems to be the big 'hook' for the new Battlefield.

As we know from the previous trailer, Bad Company's characters are also sporting some impressive facial animation and a pretty cinematic solo campaign seems to be in store. No word yet on a traditional Battlefield multiplayer mode, though.

The inevitable question is: does it look as pretty as Crysis? Battlefield's certainly got the whole tree-shooting thing going on, but we're not expecting visuals on par with hi-spec PCs just yet.

Courtesy of CVG.