Is Alien Isolation 2 coming? This tweet suggests yes…

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Hold your breath, people: a new Alien: Isolation game might be on the way, at least according to a rather cryptic tweet from a writer who's apparently worked on The Outer Worlds, Mass Effect, Dawngate, Asheron's Call, Elder Scrolls Online, Magic: the Gathering, according to their Twitter account. 

Maybe take this with a pinch of salt, but the internet seems to think that this nameless writer is Chris L'Etoile, who has previously worked for both Wizards of the Coast and Obsidian Entertainment

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If this speculation is true, then fans of Alien: Isolation, rejoice. As the first Alien Isolation made people all around the globe collectively shake with fear at the sound of the Xenomorph pacing its way down corridors. Seriously though, Alien: Isolation managed to keep the tension almost unbearably high for long stretches, making you truly feel like there was no way you'd survive if you ran into the deadly alien. 

The screenshot that the mysterious Twitter user posted is of Newt looking suitably innocent and in dire need of someone to come to her rescue in a Work Loader, so the sequel to Alien Isolation might not be a sequel at all. Perhaps it's about Newt, showing the outbreak of the aliens being released on the Hadley's Hope colony, then you have to play as her as she spends her days hiding and scavenging while being hunted by Xenomorphs. 

With so many E3 2019 games being leaked recently, there's a fair chance we'll hear more about this game soon if indeed it's on the cards. So keep holding your breath, and keep those fingers crossed. 

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