iPad size comparison: DS, PSP, Kindle and more

The moment Steve Jobs wrapped up his propaganda-esque pitch for Apple’s “what is this for?” iPad, we immediately wondered just how big it would be compared to the other handheld devices gamers typically use. Using something called a “ruler,” along with “pencil and paper,” we measured and mocked up the iPad standing next to leading machines – and then promptly used Photoshop to present them. Paper sucks, man.

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Above: The iPad vs Nintendo, Sony and Amazon (click for HUGE (opens in new tab))

Above: The iPad pseudo-stacked on the same devices. The DSiLL is massive!

Above: Screens-only comparison – iPad obviously the largest

What do you think of the iPad thus far? Interested? Waste of money? Sound off in the comments!

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Jan 27, 2010

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