Interview: Suda51

We heard that you showed Shigeru Miyamoto the game during its development. What did he make of it - did he offer any words of advice?

That’s not true at all, no.

On the subject of other developers, is there anyone’s work in particular that you admire or borrow from?

A tricky question. Let’s just say I like them all!

We’ve heard that some of your older titles are heading to the DS - Flowers, Sun and Rain and The Silver Case. Can you tell us anything about these?

That’s right. Flowers, Sun and Rain is pretty much finished. It [is now out in Japan], and we’re very interested in bringing it to Europe. It’s a similar story with The Silver Case, but there’s lots of text to translate. That one may be a while coming yet.

Any further Wii projects in the pipeline?

Well, my next piece of work will be an Xbox 360 game. Beyond that? I’d love to make No More Heroes 2 for the Wii. But only if the original sells enough to convince the publishers. That’s out of my hands now.

Mar 26, 2008