Internet spoils Halo 3

Sept 17 2007

Ten days before Halo 3 launches and Master Chief's destiny has already been spurted onto the web. That's right, if you can't be bothered to finish the game (let alone go out and buy it) you can read and watch the final moments of Bungie's latest epic actionfest.

While the spoilers can't be all that surprising (MC kills aliens, saves day) there's still a world of plot threads and story twists to uncover. The more artsy GamesRadar staffers would like to point out that knowing the ending in advance would be a markedly Brechtian way to play - freed of any suspense over story progression, you can concentrate all your attention on the emotional depths of blasting your enemies into pieces.

The rest of us just want to know: What happens next? Without, well, having to do anything.

So, if a spoilerised Halo 3 is your idea of fun, then here's the links you'll need to blow Bungie's threequel wide open. We'll start slow, but it'll quickly become spoiler-city down there. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Single-player Campaign action:

Custom armour, the manual and multiplayer maps (and idiots with their fingers up):

The end movie:

The whole Halo 3 plot, in text form:

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