Inspect the new Clouseau

There are some hard and fast rules in the movie business: number one is always read before you sign (you’d be surprised) and number two is thou shalt not take on a role previously played by Peter Sellers… step forward the courageous Steve Martin.

If you’ve anxiously awaited a glimpse of Martin as the iconic Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the Pink Panther prequel, the nail-nibbling is over; a full length trailer is up now. Click here to watch it.

Stepping into the shoes of legendary screenwriter/director Blake Edwards is Cheaper By The Dozen helmer Shawn Levy. The flick co-stars Kevin Kline as the tick-ridden Chief Inspector Dreyfus, the role made famous by Herbert Lom; along with Jean Reno and the bouncy Beyoncé Knowles.

The Pink Panther is released in the UK on 17 March 2006.