Injustice 2 gets Justice League movie-themed gear for each of the film's heroes

Justice League wham, bam, zooms into theaters today - but don't think that Warner Bros. has forgotten about the small screens of the world. Starting today, you can earn gear from the Justice League movie in the DC fighting game, Injustice 2.

These spectacular duds won't just be waiting for you when you fire up the game, though. You'll have to actually do some fighting if you want to show off your love of DC's cinematic universe.

Start by opening the Single Player panel from the main menu, then select the Multiverse option. From there, you should see six special events, each one corresponding to a member of the Justice League. Battle your way through a ladder of opponents and one tough boss fight to earn the pieces of each character's movie costume. You can always tell if the Multiverse option is part of the tie-in because it will say "unlock Justice League movie gear". 

Wonder Woman is wearing the same costume in Justice League that she donned in the Wonder Woman movie, and that film had its own tie-in with NetherRealm's fighting game back in May. That said, you can still choose the Multiverse event to snag the Amazon's armor if you missed out the first time around. You'll have until Monday, November 20 to complete Diana's (or any other Justice League member's) challenge.

Small side note: Aquaman appears to look exactly like Jason Momoa on mobile, but on console it seems that blond-haired Aquaman is simply wearing the movie version's suit. Bit of a downer if you're a Khal Drogo fan.

In any case, go see Justice League in theaters if you're excited about the movie, then come live out a few "what if" fantasies in Injustice 2.

Sam Prell

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