Indie developer unleashes an alarming 600 cats onto Steam and shows no signs of stopping with 800 more incoming

Stealthy cats hide in trees in a screenshot from 100 Ninja Cats
(Image credit: 100 Cozy Games)

One independent developer has unleashed several catventures onto Steam in recent months and they're not slowing down anytime soon. Beware: sleepy purrs and sharp claws ahead.

100 Cozy Games is the indie outfit that's released six cute and free hidden object puzzle games in the past three months, starting with 100 Christmas Cats in early December, followed quickly by 100 Asian Cats, 100 Capitalist Cats, 100 Ninja Cats, 100 Robo Cats, and 100 Dino Cats. 

The developer also has eight more puzzlers in the pipeline: 100 March Cats, 100 Paris Cats, 100 London Cats, 100 Pirate Cats, 100 Romantic Cats, 100 Alien Cats, 100 Space Cats, and 100 Istanbul Cats as an ode to the world's feline capital. 

Should the developer actually achieve its named goal and release 100 of these things, then 10,000 crazy cats could be prowling around Steam when all is said and done. What will that do to the feline ecosystem? I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords and this catventure renaissance, between Stray, that boba bar management sim, and the upcoming feline Soulslike.

Hidden object games usually ask you to find hard-to-spot figures in crowded images - think Where's Wally/Waldo? The 100 Cat Series is no different, except this time every game has a different theme. 100 Capitalist Cats dresses up the felines as businessmen, bankers, and grubby money-lovers in appropriately corporate environments. I love it. And, again, they're all free.

Better yet, most of the puzzlers currently sit in Steam's best-rated games of the year list. 100 Ninja Cats is comfortably the fourteenth highest-rated game this year, according to Steam250.

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