Import Tuner Challenge Cheats

Import Tuner Challenge Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Brandon'd Hairy Ball5

    Wanderer's Rumors


    Garage Haruo- He only races cars that are fully tuned.
    Lonely Wolf- He won't race anyone who has less than 100 races.
    KaniKaze Wolf- He's only on the metro1 every 3 days.
    Imortal Jester- Supposedly only races cars with flashy vinyl. Appears on wednesdays.
    Hopeless Home- He'll only battle racers who've been on at the Shibuya entrance more than once.
    Impatient Eternity- She only races when the club's closed on Mondays.
    Impatient Princess- She'll only race cars that have traveled less than 3 miles for that day.
    Ignorant Fool- He only battles custom cars.
    Wild Heart- He appears on the New Kanjo line when there is a racer with more than 100 wins.
    Lonely Nihilist- Challenges cars that use the Airake Entrance.
    Masked Stranger- He only battles cars with vertical doors.
    Wolf's Requien- He only battles an unmodified car.
    Moskuito Lemon- He appears on Route 4 when he hears a racers has sold more than 2 cars.
    Iron Racer- Never appears on the Metro when there are cars who are playing music.
    Speeding Fanfare- She's bought more than 3 cars and is looking for an opened minded racer.(Buy more than 3 cars)
    Dogears- He'll show up on the Kanjon Line when theres a NA car racing.
    Gold License- Beat Yellow Desperado.
    Caffeine X3- Only shows up on days that have 3 in them and your car must have 3333 on the license plate.
    Prasic Matterhorn- Only battles Z cars.( Fairyland Z)
    Tomorrow Ausian- He'll only battle cars with top class mufflers.
    West Shinjuku Assembler- He wants to race cars with additional gauges.
    Maushichi the First- Beat The group Phantom 9.


    Silent Barbarian- Only races 4 door Sedans.
    Rolling Master- Only cars against Rolling Guy's car.
    Master Yosition- Races racers who've raced aganist Cat X Cat.
    Yellow Desperado- Car odometer must be less than 124 Miles.
    Iron Triangle- Won't battle unless you have a Mitsubishi.
    Shepherd Wekozawa- He'll start the battle after passing 3 times.
    Rasberry Kiss- Have a Cardon Fiber hood.
    Craftsman Manabe- Only races on tuesdays and you have to have customized aero.
    Critail Elegy- Lower your car as much as possible.
    Jet Skater- Only races on days that are multiples of 4 and have NOS.
    Mad Fat- 90 days or more have passed.
    Oho the Atechicam- Longest battle has to be more than 2 min.
    King of Eden- Have a Rx-8 running less than 62 kms.
    Loyal Knight- Only battles cars that raced over 621 miles.
    Gentle Rain- Body Tune has to be to the max.
    Last Fight- He likes to race where the race is short as possible.
    Fleetfoot Valkyric- Hasn't gone over 186 in a race.
    Death Driver- Appears on the C1 at midnight.
    Ferno Machine- Have more than 10 million CP.
    Waint Hukjin- Have 5 or more cars.
    Fire Storm Streamer- Have normal tires on your car.
    Matushichi the Second- Beat Matshichi the First.


    Tsukkoni Breaker- Have Neon and beat Platinum Price.
    Cutie Hip- Don't have a rear spoiler.
    Bloody Mary- Have a customized horn.
    Shonan Affair- Have a Rx-8, Rx-7 and only comes out on Thursdays.
    Midnight Silver Wolf- Comes on the Metro every 10 days and race him in a pre 90's car.
    Shimokitazawn 2000cc- Comes out on the weekends and have only gone 20kms that day.
    Illusion 8- Comes out on Fridays and customized tail lights.
    Isuikiri Gambler- The days played add up to a 9.(243,540)
    Green Wild Child- Have a Subaru and race him with it.
    Unbalanced Ishii- His front and back tires must be uneven.
    Free Tree- Have a normal muffler.
    Paul Bomber- have at least 400 Hp.
    Crybaby- Have a car with Turbo.
    Stalking Hammer- Have 2 or more of the same car.
    Speed Coaster- Average 100 mph in a race.
    Jump Start Maki- Don't have NOS.
    Dauntless Alexander- Have 3 consecutive wins.
    Speed Box- He's looking for a racer who's chasing Phatom Babe and wants to catch them.
    Shinji the Harbinger- He'll step in a battle for Bright Age if he's in trouble.
    Bright Age- Hve to run alot at night.
    Free Maebashi- Have a "The Bone" sticker on your car.
    Punchline Hiranishi- Beat Free Maebashi.
    Tskkomi Breaker- Can't have Neon and havn't defeated Platinum Price.

Import Tuner Challenge Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    #3 Shibuya Time Attack (40) - Get 3'30"000 or less in Time Attack on Shibuya 3.
    #4 Shinjuku Time Attack (40) - Get 6'30"000 or less in Time Attack on Shibuya 4.
    All left Time Attacks (40) - Get 16'30"000 or less in Time Attack on All counter clockwise.
    All right Time Attacks (40) - Get 16'30"000 or less in Time Attack on All clockwise.
    Azure Sniper (20) - Defeat Azure Sniper.
    Bloodhound (10) - Defeat Bloodhound.
    First Xbox Live Race (10) - Win an Xbox Live Race.
    Garnet Dawn (20) - Defeat Garnet Dawn.
    Inside C1 Time Attack (40) - Get 5'00"000 or less in Time Attack on the C1 inside.
    Left Shinkanjo Time Attack (40) - Get 6'00"000 or less in Time Attack on the Shinkanjo counter clockwise.
    Midnight Cinderella (10) - Defeat Midnight Cinderella.
    Outside C1 Time Attack (40) - Get 5'00"000 or less in Time Attack on the C1 outside.
    Platinum Prince (10) - Defeat Platinum Prince.
    Right Shinkanjo Time Attack (40) - Get 6'00"000 or less in Time Attack on the Shinkanjo clockwise.
    Silent Cassiopeia (20) - Defeat Silent Cassiopeia.
    Win 10 Xbox Live Races (20) - Win 10 Xbox Live Races.
    Win 100 Xbox Live Races (100) - Win 100 Xbox Live Races.
    Win 50 Xbox Live Races (50) - Win 50 Xbox Live Races.