The real Thor comes face-to-face with his capitalist villain doppelganger Chad Hammer in this preview of Immortal Thor #10

Immortal Thor #10 interior art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The very identity and legacy of Thor Odinson are at stake in Immortal Thor #10, which picks up the saga of Chad Hammer, the Roxxin' Thor, Dario Agger's vapid simulacrum of Thor created through the combination of the Enchantress' magic and Roxxon's purchase of the rights to the in-universe comic book stories about the God of Thunder.

We got to know Chad Hammer in the hilariously satirical Roxxon Presents: Thor #1, a one-shot diving into his fully Roxxon-ized, ultra-corporate world, which is meant to both replace Thor in the minds of the people, and also lull them into a false sense of security about Roxxon's evil intentions.

Now, in Thor #10 by writer Al Ewing and guest artist Carlos Magno, Thor and Chad Hammer come face-to-face as Chad is materialized in the real world by the Enchantress. Can Thor's mighty Mjolnir stand up to Chad Hammer's bluetooth activated Mjolnir Premium? 

Have a look at the pages in the gallery below, along with Alex Ross' cover for the issue:

"THOR MUST DIE! The son of Odin faced three of his greatest foes in battle - with the fog of magic closing around him," reads the solicit for Immortal Thor #10. "Yet even if he won, he lost...for Thor fought not for his life - but for his death. This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR...and the Minotaur's final triumph."

That sounds incredibly ominous, like Thor might die. But with the added context that he's fighting his own evil doppelganger, it becomes a little more clear that a Thor is going to lose, while making it more ambiguous whether this round will go to Thor or to Chad Hammer.

Thor #10 goes on sale May 01.

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