Images of the Call of Duty that never was

Actually, some very basic research suggests that the guy who put these up - Leonid Korostyshevisky - is indeed involved in game development and judging by his website, he'sworked for EA in the past.

These images from a game apparently titled 'Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade' would suggest he's now at an Activision developer (or was) as there's also a few images of an unreleased Bond game 'Casino Royale' on there that we know was definitely planned at some point.

It certainly makes you wonder how many different concepts of major videogames never make it past the drawing board, and whether on some Infinity Ward environment artist's computer there lies screens ofFuture Warfare, Secret Warfare and Space Warfare.Go on, tell us why we've been led up the garden path below...

May 17, 2010

I hate the 267.