Ikaruga confirmed for Xbox 360

It looks like cult-classic Treasure shooter Ikaruga is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, after a download for the game appeared on Microsoft's debug version of Xbox Live.

The shooter wasoriginallyreleased for Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube in 2003 (check out ourscreens), and is the spiritual sequel to Saturn blaster Radiant Silvergun.

Above: This shot is from the GameCube version of Ikaruga, which should be playable on your Xbox soon

We fired up our Xbox 360 debug machine to get our hands on Ikaruga, but upon firing it up all we received was a Treasure logo before the game decided to crash - and not much more has happened since.

We're keeping our eyes on this one, and will certainly keep you posted for when the first info and screens arrive, which with any luck won't be too long.

February 14, 2007