How to watch the ID@Xbox showcase today on March 26

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Here's how to watch the ID@Xbox showcase happening later today on March 26.

The ID@Xbox showcase will be kicking off pretty soon, bringing you a slate of new indie announcements, reveals, and more. For now, we've posted the trailer for the showcase just below, but from 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET you can head over to the official Xbox Twitch page to watch the entire showcase in full.

The ID@Xbox showcase set for today was originally announced last week, after rumors of an impending Xbox showcase started doing the rounds since February. Those rumours had suggested an event focusing on major games, which seemed possible due to Microsoft's recent acquisition of Bethesda, but ID@Xbox showcases are always reserved for indie games. 

When the showcase was announced last week, Microsoft revealed that 25 games would be present at the showcase in some capacity. You can expect brand new reveals, release date announcements, and more from the line up.

As for what these 25 games could consist of, we know that Drinkbox Games has a brand new game to announce at the showcase later. You might remember Drinkbox from their PS Vita hit Guacamelee and its sequel, so we're undoubtedly in for a treat from the veteran PlayStation developers. Elsewhere, Xbox previously revealed that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Wild Heart, The Ascent, Voidtrain, and Echo One would all feature in today's showcase.

We can also be sure that there'll be a bunch of game announcements related to the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass. Earlier today, Xbox's senior product planner took to Twitter to reveal that there'd be announcements for indie titles coming to both Xbox and Xbox Game Pass within the showcase. As if Xbox Game Pass subscribers didn't already have enough to play, this showcase seems set to add even more.

It's possible that a bunch of free game demos might come out of the ID @ Xbox showcase later today. Back during the ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest in 2020, a bunch of demos were released on Xbox consoles, including the likes of Cris Tales, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Destroy All Humans!, Genesis Noir, and many more. Here's hoping there'll be some demo announcements later today.

For a complete guide to all the exclusive games Xbox has planned to launch over the coming year, you can head over to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more.

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