id announces QuakeCon 2012 starts August 2 in beautiful Dallas, Texas

August 2-5 the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas will host QuakeCon 2012, the world’s largest BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party. Attendance is free, hotel rooms are discounted, and there’ll be computers to be shared by those without, thanks to id, Bethesda, and all their sponsors. Who knows what great prizes and announcements will come out of the ‘con? Maybe id will finally have something concrete to say about Doom IV?

In addition to multiplayer madness, QuakeCon offers panels with influential id software employees like John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead. If you need further convincing to get your ass to Dallas, check out above highlights from last year’s QuakeCon. To truly stay updated on all things Quake, follow QuakeCon on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re serious about going to this thing, you’d better book a hotel room now. The Hilton Anatole Hotel is offering a discounted rate of $154 a night, and the QuakeCon site has plenty of reservation info. Remember to pack plenty of rockets, nails, and body armor, and if you see John Carmack, could you ask him when we’re getting Doom IV?

Alex Roth