Ice Cube finds religion for First Sunday

If the success of The Passion Of The Christ and Tyler Perry’s films has taught Hollywood anything, it’s that there’s a massive audience of religious moviegoers and those after films with a moral message in America. Either that, or millions of people really, really wanted to see Jesus get beaten to within an inch of his life.

Guessing it’s the first, Sony has grabbed Ice Cube to star in First Sunday, which will unspool the story of a pair of bungling robbers who get caught trying to steal money from a church. But when they take the parishioners hostage, the churchgoers eventually make the thieves see the error of their ways. With love, prayer and song, we’re guessing. Not horrible, horrible violence.

Playwright David Talbert will direct the film, and shockingly, he hasn’t helmed either a music video or an advert before. Nope, as his title suggests, he usually just writes plays.