I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry review

Recently widowed father of two Larry (Kevin James) needs a ‘wife’ to safeguard his pension benefits.

Turns out the easiest way to please the bureaucrats eager to steal his funds is to find a male life partner – which is where his womanising buddy Chuck (Adam Sandler) comes in.

Veering between kneejerk homophobia and PC proselytising for gay rights – often in the same scene – Dennis Dugan’s comedy is an unhappy union.

Despite being funny, it’s sloppily constructed. The film’s strongest suit is the male stars’ easy chemistry; yet it shies away from Odd Couple territory, devoting too much time to Chuck’s far-fetched fag-hag relationship with Jessica Biel’s hot lawyer. But there are just enough chuckles to ensure such crass blundering is met with an indulgent smile.

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