"I already have 712 questions and no answers" – The internet (tries to) react to the Westworld season 2 premiere

Ah, Westworld season 2 75-minute premiere that gave us lots to ponder, answered precisely nothing, and still left us wanting more. It had so much going on, in fact, that everyone on the internet appears to have had their brains scrambled. Well, more than normal anyway. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Westworld season 2, episode 1 and, be warned, spoilers to follow…

So, about Bernard and *that* ending

Bernard didn’t seem to know where he was and what was happening for half of the premiere (you and me both, pal) until things came crashing down in the episode’s final moments with the reveal that Bernard has wiped out quite a lot of hosts – was that Teddy? – and created his own personal swimming pool/death zone. Nice.

Is Dolores this season's Big Bad?

It sure is looking that way. Going around murdering the guests with reckless abandon while Teddy (who’s definitely alive at that point. We think!) looks on equal parts dumb and lovestruck is certainly a big clue as to what DELOS and the security team might be up against this season. If that’s even part of the same timeline. My head hurts.

What does Maeve have in mind?

She’s still hunting for her daughter, in one of the show’s more (thankfully) straightforward plot lines. I’m just glad we got more of sassy Thandie Newton to kick things off. It’s the one constant Westworld truly deserves.


Oh, you know, Westworld. Just casually drop in a tiger with a reference to the mysterious sixth park and never mention it again. That’s cool.

A brand-new game

No, not God of War. The Man in Black has to become God of Door, if anything. After his escape from the death-laden party led him to a chance (?) encounter with the Young Ford Host, he now has a new game to complete – and it’s all about a certain door. Keep your eyes on this one…

No one knows what is going on

We’ve all watched the same episode and have one thing in common: we’re all really confused. Roll on next week…

If you need more Westworld in your life, make sure you watch (and study) the brand-new opening credits. Notice anything different? Doesn’t look like anything to me...

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