Hyper Scape best weapons guide - What are the best guns to pick up

Hyper Scape best weapons
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Understanding what the Hyper Scape best weapon is for you is almost more important that knowing how to jump, slide, and ledge-grab in this digital metropolis. Dropping into Hyper Scape will allow you only a melee weapon initially, so it's up to you to quickly find something better. Provided you've got time to be picky when choosing from the game's 11 weapons at launch, we've devised this guide to suggest which guns are most worth arming yourself with. Here are the five best weapons in Hyper Scape.

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hyper scape ripper

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Best for: familiarity

In Hyper Scape's sci-fi world, every weapon has its own name and attributes, and some don't even have a close real-world analog, but if you're looking for something not unlike what you may find in Warzone or Apex Legends, the Ripper should be your go-to. It's a pretty fully automatic assault rifle, meaning there's hardly any learning curve here even if it's your first time dropping into the dystopian city. The Ripper isn't flashy or even particularly interesting, but it serves a great number of players the same way Soldier 76 does in Overwatch: with a reliable and instantly recognizable feature set. You know it when you see it - and feel it. 


hyper scape hexfire

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Best for: beginners

All you need to know about Hexfire is that it's the butt of many jokes on the game's subreddit right now. Those who have been playing Hyper Scape for weeks dating back to the beta often lament its appeal to newbies, but don't let them get you down. Built like a gatling gun, the Hexfire offers super fast rate of fire. It's a point-and-shoot kind of weapon, which makes it the perfect fit for new players, even more than the Ripper as it's much more forgiving for inaccuracy thanks to its huge clip size. You may eventually want to move onto another weapon on this list, but early on in your Hyper Scape exploits, the Hexfire virtually guarantees you'll at least leave with some damage dealt, if not a few eliminations too.


hyper scape harpy

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Best for: Damage Per Second

The Harpy may look middling, with its recognizable submachine gun frame, but inside of that frame it packs a heck of a punch thanks to one of the best rates of fire in all of Hyper Scape. Combined with super strong accuracy at close to medium range, and maybe even outperforming your expectations at greater distances, the Harpy is a sneakily great choice in Ubisoft's battle royale. I made the mistake of ignoring it for too long in favor of the silenced Dragonfly - notably absent from this list, I'll add - only discovering its potential after another visit to the training area got me to seek it out in the next round. Don't make the same mistake as me.


hyper scape mammoth

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Best for: close quarters

The thing about Hyper Scape is all the guns have unfamiliar names, but the Mammoth isn't such a mystery once you get it in your hands. It's the game's only shotgun at launch, and that means it serves a particular type of player above all others: those who like to get in close for their elims. The magic of the Mammoth is proven when skilled players pair its high damage with the game's swift parkour movements. Leaping around, above, and below an enemy while wielding the Mammoth may keep their shots off-target, giving you the opportunity you need to get in close and finish them off. You know in cartoons when a character bounces off the walls, hardly visible to the hunter trying to take them out? Hyper Scape is like that, and with the Mammoth in our hands, it'll be you that delivers the scene-ending blow.


Best for: squad play

I get the feeling the Skybreaker is unpopular in the Hyper Scape community, so my inclusion of it here may seem controversial to some, but hear me out. If you're playing in a squad game, where you're joined by two teammates in the city turned battlefield, the Skybreaker makes for an excellent support weapon. It doesn't require much accuracy at all, as it launches a single-shot lightning charge and does area of effect, or AoE,  damage. This makes it the singularly best choice for a well-organized team. Coordinate with your allies as to who will carry it, as it only needs to be one of you. With one Skybreaker in your crew, encountering any other close-knit trio is a lot of fun because as they unload their clips from Rippers or Harpies, you'll be keeping their health respawn from kicking in with the recurring disruptions of the Skybreaker. This makes for a higher level play which can be tough when playing with randoms, but if you've got the crew, the Skybreaker has the benefits.

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