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Hurry, this $750 RTX gaming laptop deal from Dell is already 69% claimed

Hurry, this $750 RTX gaming laptop deal from Dell is already 69% claimed
(Image credit: Dell)

RTX gaming laptop deals can reach several thousand dollars, but if you're just looking for a cheap rig that won't be out of date next year, Dell has an excellent option on the shelves. This Dell G15 is now available for just $749.99 - that's $280 off the $1,029.99 MSRP. 

Right now that's one of the cheapest RTX gaming laptop deals on the market, which means entry-level gamers are getting an excellent offer here. However, this is a limited discount, which means there are only so many machines Dell is willing to give away at this price. At the time of writing, 69% of these laptops have already been claimed so you might want to hustle if you've been looking for a cheap gaming laptop for a while now. 

While you won't be reaching the dizzying heights of RTX 3080 laptops, or picking up some of the more polished features of an RTX 3070 laptop, there's still plenty to celebrate at this price tag. 

You're still picking up Nvidia's latest GPU line as well. You're future proofing yourself here, with ray tracing already on board. You may get better performance out of a GTX 1650Ti if you're playing slower, more easy-going titles, but if you need that art to shine, you're getting a solid option at a great price here. 

If you need the power of some of the best gaming laptops in the world, though, you'll find some more options just below. 

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