The Humble Bundle for Android now playing

Up to four games for Android, PC, Mac, and Linux are on offer in the latest Humble Bundle collection, which the charitable video game organization is calling its most “cross-platformiest bundle ever”.

Available now where fine Humble Bundles are sold (hint: its website), the Humble Bundle for Android stars 11 bit studios' reverse tower defense game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth; Hemisphere Games' amoeba adventure, Osmos; and Mobigame's cubic puzzle-platformer, Edge (and Edge Extended). Paying more than the average price, which is currently hovering around the $6 mark, will also unlock 2D Boy's mega-hit physics puzzler, World of Goo.

Much like the non-Android friendly Humble Bundles that came before it, this humble package is available for whatever price you deem appropriate. Payments can then be split amongst the developers, Humble Bundle organizers, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity. At time of print, total payments were closing in on $500,000, with Linux users paying the highest average at $8 and Mac buyers taking second place at $6.80.

The selection seems a bit sparse for a Humble Bundle promotion, but considering the sale is still on for another two weeks, expect even more “cross-platformery” games to be added to the list as the sale picks up.

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