Human Torch goes haywire in Fantastic Four #36 preview

page from Fantastic Four #36
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Fantastic Four #36 continues Johnny Storm's cosmic evolution into what Doctor Doom called a "true Human Torch" when he shot Johnny with a raygun that made his flaming powers go totally haywire back in FF #34.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Unable to turn his powers off, Johnny has quickly gone from being the FF's happy-go-lucky daredevil to an emotional wreck as he faces a fate not unlike that of Ben Grimm, who is traditionally (but not always) perpetually trapped as the Thing - but with much more dangerous implications for anyone or anything around him that isn't fireproof.

In this four-page preview from writer Dan Slott, artists Nico Leon and Dono Sánchez-Almara, and letterer Joe Caramagna, Johnny has a flamed-on freak out in Reed Richards' lab as the self-proclaimed Mister Fantastic tries to figure out how to stop Johnny from getting hotter and hotter as the cosmic energy in his body builds uncontrollably.

At the same time, Franklin Richards, Reed's teenage son, seems to have a solution that may work for everyone: drain Johnny's excess cosmic power, and use it to re-empower his own reality-altering abilities. On the other hand, Sue Richards, Johnny's sister and Franklin's mom, finds this to be more than a little selfish.

Here's the preview, including the cover from Mark Brooks:

The family drama around Johnny comes hot on the heels (we make ourselves laugh, at least) of the Richards family secrets that were revealed in September 15's Fantastic Four #35, which may have far-reaching ramifications for Reed and the bunch.

Fantastic Four #36 (which also doubles as the legacy numbered #681 - notice that we're creeping toward FF #700) is due out September 22. 

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