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Hulu FINALLY confirmed for consoles

It was never a question of whether Hulu would come to consoles, it was a question ofwhen. And more importantly, how much. Well today, we have our answer: $9.99 a month is your price of admission to the newly announced Hulu Plus streaming service. Starting in July, Hulu Plus will include instant TV access for mobile devices, Blu-Ray players, web-ready televisions, and of course, your consoles! Click here for the official details.

Above: Gray’s Anatomy! Hulu sure knows its audience

Hulu showed the PlayStation 3 a lot of love, including mentioning it by name. So that, and the later release window specified for the 360, looks to confirm that the PS3 will be among the list of devices Hulu Plus will support immediately when it launches in July. It may not matter, since it looks like the subscription will allow access to multiple devices just like Netflix. Either way, it’s promising just to bring back the full seasons and entire series we all enjoyed when Hulu first launched,AND in HD when available.

Above: Surely, you own one of these?

There’s still no word yet as to when our European/Canadian brethren will be able to bask in the glory of Hulu Plus, but if I had to guess, it’ll be somewhere between when pigs fly and the US getting access to the BBC iPlayer.

Goodbye, five latest episodes! Hello, streaming 720p TV through HDMI! If you’re having trouble putting through a phone call right now, it’s probably due to the millions of people merrily canceling their cable.


Jun 29, 2010