Huge update supposedly coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday

Sony is promising a huge update to its PS3 virtual world this week. It'll be so huge that it'll have "an enormous impact on users and developers alike." Although we don't know exactly what Sony has under wraps, we do know that one feature will be making a long-awaited return: voice chatting!

Above: PlayStation Home, filled with...PlayStation-y things

Yes, the feature that was gutted once Home became available to the masses is finally coming back. We fondly remember the days of Home beta testing when we'd walk into the virtual bowling alley and hear nothing but 10-year-olds laying down f-bombs like they had just learned the word, and others blasting trance music directly into their headsets. Ah, the good old times.

This time, Sony will have things under control in a much tighter way. Users will be able to group up with as many as seven other people and have dedicated voice chats among the group. No one will have to be subjected to the random cacophony of sounds that would of course eminate from having dozens of Home users in the same enclosed virtual environment.

Another feature that has been confirmed is a set of "sweeping improvements" to the Home wardrobe department. You'll be able to tag clothing items as "Favorites," making it easier to navigate through your in-Home closet. Additionally, you'll be able to put your least-used items into "Storage" so they won't clutter up your main selection menu.

Some say it has little functional purpose, and some that it's "totally pointless" (we're just quoting what we've heard),but PlayStation Home continues to have a very strong following and is a key place for Sony marketing and advertising, as well as for generating interest for specific high-profile games through dedicated game areas.

Sony will give the full run-down of new Home improvements soon.

Nov 9, 2010

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