Huge Skyrim co-op mod finally drops this week

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Skyrim's getting a co-op via an ambitious new mod called Skyrim Together Reborn, and it's out this week.

As recently announced by a dedicated team of developers in Skyrim's community, the new Skyrim Together Reborn release date has been set for later this week on Friday, July 8. The new mod will be published over on NexusMods when it launches, and you can find out everything you need to know from the development team themselves right here

In short, this incredible mod will make Skyrim playable at once for multiple people. There'll be one host player inviting others to their world, and this central player will interact with NPCs and other characters for quest-specific purposes.

However, all quest progression made while playing Skyrim Together Reborn will be shared between all players. So while you might not be able to talk to anyone in another player's world, all quest progress you get while there will transfer over to your version of Skyrim when you're back and playing solo.

Finally, if you're playing Skyrim Special Edition version 1.6 or later, or the same game via Xbox Game Pass for PC, you're good to download the mod. However, Skyrim Together Reborn won't work with Skyrim VR, which you've got to imagine would be an absolutely monumental undertaking.

This is certainly one mod to keep an eye on when it launches later this week. Skyrim Together Reborn promises a fantastic new way to play a game that's over a decade old at this point, and the thought of exploring the massive lands of Skryim together with friends sounds brilliant. 

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