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Watch the new Pokemon Direct trailer right here, and say hello to Team Yell

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Update: The Pokemon Direct has turned out to be a Pokemon trailer! The 2 minute long highlight reel shows off the Galarian forms of classic Pokemon, alongside a better look at the new rivals you'll be facing off against, Bebe, Marnie, and, uh, Marnie's fan group known as Team Yell. 

Check out the full trailer for yourself in the video link below: 

We're basically counting down the days until Pokemon Sword and Shield hits Switch on November 15 later this year, and now we're going to find out more gossip about the duo of new Pokemon games at a special Pokemon Direct today. The official tweet called the Direct a Galar Research update, which should mean we get eyes on some new critters being added to the Gen 8 Pokemon Pokedex. 

Although there's no specific link as yet, there will apparently be a live stream to tune into, so keep your eyes peeled on the Official Pokemon YouTubue channel

Until Pokemon Sword and Shield arrive, why not try out these games like Pokemon to keep you busy?

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