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How to watch the July 10 Nintendo Treehouse that focuses on Paper Mario

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If you're wondering how to watch the July 10 Nintendo Treehouse airing later today, you're in the right place. We've got all the times, links, and details you need.

The July 10, 2020 Nintendo Treehouse presentation will begin at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST. You can watch it via this YouTube embed: 

As the pre-show teaser says, today's show will feature gameplay from Paper Mario: The Origami King. The Origami King will launch next week on Friday, July 17, and while we've seen brief gameplay of it before, we've never gotten an extended, in-depth look. We're hoping to see something like that today, ideally with some more story and characters details added in. We're pretty clear on the game's ring-based combat system at this point, but we've still got plenty of questions about Mario and the gang, not to mention this new papercraft world.

In addition to Paper Mario gameplay, today's Treehouse presentation will show off a new franchise from Shantae and River City Girls developer WayForward. With Shantae being a search-action, Metroidvania-lite platformer, people immediately suspected that WayForward was working on some sort of Metroid tie-in, perhaps in the vein of Cadence of Hyrule from Brace Yourself Games. The fact that the reveal trailer for The Origami King contained a Metroid teaser only added fuel to the fire. The timing looked perfect, but alas, Nintendo confirmed that WayForward actually has a third-party game to show off, meaning nothing directly Nintendo-related.

Nevertheless, WayForward has made some great games, so it's exciting to see their next project get a full Treehouse debut. We're betting on some sort of 2D platformer since that seems to be the studio's wheelhouse, but maybe it'll surprise us. Either way, consider us interested. 

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