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How to watch the Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 reveal stream today

On the back of Destiny director Luke Smith's mammoth blog post discussing Destiny 2's setbacks, balance issues, and goals (opens in new tab), today Bungie is planning to unveil the Armor 2.0 equipment system coming in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (opens in new tab). Bungie said the stream will show Warlock, Hunter, and Titan sets coming together, giving players a look at how Armor 2.0 gear can be customized and used to create more involved character builds. It may well be a defining moment in the game's history, so here's how to watch the Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 reveal stream today. 

Today's reveal will be broadcast via Bungie's Twitch (opens in new tab) channel, YouTube (opens in new tab), and Mixer (opens in new tab). You can watch it via the YouTube embed above once the stream is live. The show starts at:

US West Coast: 10AM PT

US East Coast: 1PM ET


Europe: 7PM CET

We know a bit about Armor 2.0 already thanks to a smattering of teases and ViDocs. Last week, Bungie shared images showing some of the new armor perks coming in Shadowkeep (opens in new tab), including weapon- and finishing move-specific mods. Earlier this summer, we learned that Armor 2.0 gear will be compatible with all the Eververse armor ornaments (opens in new tab) players have ever earned, meaning they will act as a pseudo-transmog system going into Shadowkeep.

We also have some idea of how armor modification will work under the new system. Previous teases suggested that each piece of armor will have an energy pool, and each mod attached will use a set amount of energy. So if you have 10 energy available on your helmet, for instance, you could use one four-cost mod and three two-cost mods. This assumption is based on old and possibly outdated screenshots, however, and it's still unclear how stats will play into things, let alone how mods may transfer between armor pieces. We'll have plenty of questions going into this reveal stream, that's for sure. 

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