How to watch Nomadland for free online - stream the Best Picture Oscar winner today

How to watch Nomadland for free online stream
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After winning the Best Picture Academy Award at this year's Oscars we're here to tell you how to watch Nomadland online for free right now. The movie didn't stop with Best Picture though as it also picked up the Best Director Award for Chloé Zhao and Best Actress for Frances McDormand.

Nomadland follows Fern in the wake of the Great Recession. Widowed with no job to speak of, Fern sells her belongings, buys a van, and sets off on a journey around the American West. Becoming a modern-day Nomad, Fern befriends fellow nomads along the way, learning basic survival skills and how to be self-sufficient in her new way of life.

Proving a coming-of-age story needn't only belong in adolescence, in many ways Fern is reborn, finding purpose and community in a world that has otherwise only taken from her.

US viewers by far have the best option as you can actually watch the film for free by signing up for a free trial over at Hulu. New subscribers get a whole month of access for nothing and you're free to cancel before the trial comes to end if you don't want to become a paying customer. If you want to keep it, prices start at just $5.99 a month. Hulu's the place to be if you want to watch The Handmaid's Tale season 4 online for free too.

Loaded with fantastic content including Hulu Originals like Little Fires Everywhere and The Handmaid's Tale, Nomadland is another fierce female lead story to enjoy with your Hulu subscription. Directed by Chloé Zhao, admittedly it's not often that female directors get a look in, especially when it comes to that coveted Best Picture award

If you don't live in the US, we've listed some other options further down the page on how to watch Nomadland online.

Watch Nomadland - US

Hulu| $5.99 per month (first month FREE)

Hulu| $5.99 per month (first month FREE)
Nomadland is out now on Hulu, allowing you to get a front seat to this year's Best Picture winner at the Oscars. Get the standard Hulu plan for $5.99 a month (with a one-month free trial), no-ads for $11.99 a month (with a one-week free trial), or Hulu with Live TV for $64.99 a month (one-week free trial). Or you can opt to enjoy an extensive library of streamable content for $12.99 a month with the Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN+ package.

Watch Nomadland - UK

Disney Plus | £7.99 a month

Disney Plus | £7.99 a month
Well, this is pretty good timing. Nomadland has just arrived on Disney Plus in the UK. This is currently the only option, as it's not even available in the UK as one of those pricey VoD online rentals that we've seen go for around £15-£20. But hey, this is much cheaper and you'll get a whole month to have a poke around the library of ever-growing content on the service too.

Watch Nomadland - Canada

Disney Plus | $11.99 a month

Disney Plus | $11.99 a month
Nomadland is showing on Disney Plus right now in Canada. $11.99 for a month of the service (there's no longer a Disney Plus free trial) is super cheap compared to a cinema ticket and there's plenty more content to enjoy on the streaming service too.

There are currently no options to watch Nomadland online in Australia, New Zealand or India. We expect this will change soon though as the film is still to be released in quite a few countries. After those Oscar wins though, we think this will happen soon for sure.

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