How to watch the Apple Event today: Find out about the new iPhone and Apple Arcade

Apple Event
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Need a new iPhone or eager to learn all about the Apple Arcade? You'll want to know how to watch the Apple Event stream later on today in that case, because it's when Apple will reveal everything it has planned for the next year or so. From the Apple Event start time to the Apple livestream and more, we've got everything you need to know about how to watch the Apple event right here.

How to watch the Apple Event: Start time and schedule

Apple Event

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If you want to watch the Apple Event livestream today, here is the start time for a number of regions around the world:

  • San Fransisco (PT): 10am
  • New York (ET): 1pm
  • London (BST): 6pm
  • Berlin (CEST): 7pm
  • Moscow (MSK): 8pm
  • New Delhi (IST): 10:30pm
  • Beijing (CST): 1am (September 11)
  • Tokyo (JST): 2am (September 11)
  • Melbourne (AEST): 3am (September 11)

As for the Apple event schedule, there's been no itinerary released, but most iPhone reveal events last for between one and a half to two hours. Don't expect it to take longer than that, unless Apple has some huge surprises up its sleeves.

How to watch the Apple Event: Stream

You've got a few options for where to watch the Apple Event happening later today. As always, you can head to to watch the stream directly on the Apple site.

There's also the official Apple YouTube stream which includes a notification function so you know when it goes live. We've also embedded it above so you don't even have to leave this page!

Finally, if you have an Apple TV, you can download the Apple Events app to watch it live on there.

What will be revealed at the Apple Event?

Apple Arcade

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We don't know exactly what will be revealed at the Apple Event, but there have been a lot of rumours around the iPhone 11 as of late, so we'd be surprised if it doesn't make an appearance.

Since we're GamesRadar, we'd be foolish to not talk about the upcoming Apple Arcade, their upcoming subscription service that offers over 100 games that you can play from iPhone to iPad, all the way to Mac and Apple TV.

We saw the full Apple Arcade games list yesterday, but what could be shown off at the Apple Event? Well, there's been some rumours that No Man's Sky could also feature, which would by far be the most technologically impressive game available on the service.

There's been no confirmed Apple Arcade release date yet either, so expect that to be announced since all we know so far is "fall", and we'll probably hear about the price. The rumoured cost of the service is $4.99 a month, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Cyberpunk 2077 on Apple Arcade, anyone?

Want something to play on your iPhone before Apple Arcade comes out? Check out our best iPhone games right here.

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