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How to stream South Park online around the world

stream south park online
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Wondering how to stream South Park online? We've got you covered with everything you need to watch everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed eight-year-olds wreak havoc and learn some lessons in the cold mountain town in Colorado. There are plenty of seasons to keep you occupied during self-isolation, with a slew of new, wacky characters joining the later episodes as well as cartoonized cameos from ‘poorly voiced celebrities’ who, despite being based on real people, are entirely fictional. Of course.

We saw a satisfying, climactic story that finally explained Kenny’s strange ability to reanimate in Season 13, the boys try to tackle the homeless issue in season 11, and we see the whole town begin to gentrify in Season 19.

Whichever of the 23 Seasons you’re hoping to get your hands on, the adventures of Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny are available to stream on a whole host of sites.

Now’s the best time to start watching South Park, as the most recent episodes focus heavily on Stan's dad- Randy- arguably one of the funniest characters in the show. Season 23 of South Park also mocks recently released Disney Plus, and Baby Yoda (an unforgivable act to some,) as well as poking fun at the popular 2019 movie Joker.

If that's still not enough South Park for you, don't forget to check out the best South Park episodes ever made.

Stream South Park - USA

Hulu | $5.99 per month
For just $5.99 a month, you get access to Hulu’s basic package, which includes all 23 Seasons. Meaning, not only can you catch up with the latest episodes, but you can go back to the very first season for a nostalgic blast from the past. All newer South Park episodes are available to stream on Hulu the day after they air.
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Watch South Park online - Canada

Crave | $9.99 per month
The basic $9.99 a month Crave package includes 22 of South Park's 23 seasons. This includes every episode before the most recent season. If you want to watch all 23 seasons, we'd advise using a VPN and checking out Hulu instead (more details below).
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Stream South Park - UK

Amazon Prime Video | £7.99 per month
Amazon Prime Video is the best option for streaming South Park's first 22 seasons in the UK. Now TV is showing the show too (£8.99 per month), but it's more likely Amazon will have them longer given shows come and go on Sky's streaming service an awful lot. Plus, you're getting proper HD with Amazon, instead of dreary 720p with Now TV. Both services are putting Netflix and its mere five seasons to shame though.

Or, if you want to get the same lush options as people in the US, we'd recommend the Hulu route mentioned earlier in this article by using a VPN as this will allow you to access US content as if you lived over there, giving you all 23 seasons of South Park at your fingertips.
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Stream Westworld online - Australia

Foxtel | From $49 per month
Australian viewers are looking at a pretty steep price for only 11 seasons of South Park. 

Prices start at $49 a month for the most basic Foxtel deal that includes South Park, but another deal including movies and Netflix is currently on offer for $59 a month instead of $86. 

If you're looking for the cheapest model option though, we'd suggest taking a look at the US option we mentioned earlier with Hulu and using a VPN to get your device to think you're in the US too - it'll work out much cheaper than the Foxtel option and you'll be able to watch all 23 seasons of South Park.
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How to watch South Park from anywhere else

ExpressVPN | From $6.67 / £5.50 per month
If you're trying to watch all 23 seasons of South Park from somewhere not mentioned above, grabbing yourself a US Hulu package.

If you're outside of the US, connecting with a VPN will not only put all your favorite shows at your fingertips by allowing you to appear as if you're in a different country, but it'll also offer a secure server for your device. Meaning you can tune your IP address to a US location and access their services without geoblocks. 

After testing a wide range of VPN options, and writing the best VPN, and best VPN for Netflix guides, we found ExpressVPN to be our favourite.

With a massive selection of reliable server locations to connect to around the world and reassuring privacy options, there's a lot to love about Express VPN. Plus, you can set up automatic protection on any public WiFi system, making it safer than ever to browse and shop online on the go.

Follow these simple steps to get set up within minutes to watch South Park online:

1: Get a cheap VPN installed. There's a great offer on right now where you can get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49% (shorter packages are available too). ExpressVPN works on a massive range of devices like laptops, MacBooks, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, iPhone, Android mobiles and more. ExpressVPN is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you change your mind and decide the VPN isn't for you.

2: Connect to a US server. While you can connect to a server from any of the countries that we have laid out above, a US server will likely prove to be the easiest for watching South Park online. 

3: Head over to Hulu. Once you set your location, head over to Hulu to buy access to the service. And don't forget, you can cancel Hulu at any time, there's no long-term contract to be tied to.View Deal

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