How to level up fast in the Battlefield 1 open beta

The Battlefield 1 beta finishes on Thursday, which means you still have the opportunity to work towards unlocking an exclusive reward for the full game. To earn the Battlefield 1 Beta Dog Tag you need to rank up your soldier to level 15, as well as play on four different days. If your time is short and you want to quickly grab as many points as possible, then follow the tips below and you'll level up fast.

Play Conquest mode

With seven objectives to fight over and almost three time as many enemy soldiers to skirmish with than in Rush mode, Conquest is the mode to play for quick levelling. There are many more points available, and the faster you earn points the faster your rank will increase.

Focus on the objectives

Taking out enemy infantry is all well and good, but the fastest way by far to earn points is by capturing and holding objectives. Keep an eye on who controls what at the top of the screen, and make sure you're either trying to capture or defending an objective at all times. You get extra points for kills while defending an area, so it's worth staying nearby after a capture to take out enemies coming to reclaim it.

Communication is key

If you go charging into an objective on your own, the chances are you're going to get overwhelmed and taken out by the enemy before you can have any real impact. Ideally play with friends if possible, using party chat to keep in touch and work together to secure objectives. If this isn't an option then at least pay attention to your surroundings, and the map when respawning, so you know when the majority of your team is and can join them to pool your efforts.

Work with your squad

Your five player squad is a great source of points, as you receive a bonus every time a squadmate spawns on you, and holding a strong position near objectives will make it more likely for them to do this. The squad leader can tag an objective by targeting it and following the prompt, then all squad members who capture or defend that objective will receive an order completion bonus for additional points. If you're the leader, then make sure you're always tagging an objective for your squad to work on, and if you're not in charge then follow the leader's orders as often as possible to reap the rewards.

Follow your role

Playing to the strengths of your chosen role is another good way of securing extra points towards levelling up, so make sure that's what you're doing. Medics should be dropping health packs in strategic positions, and healing teammates where they can - the markers for downed allies are tricky to spot so keep a close eye out for them. Likewise, Support is best utilised to drop ammo supplies where the fighting is heaviest, to keep your side well equipped. Assault should focus on taking out tanks and other vehicles using their explosives, whereas Scouts can set up near the action to provide sniper cover as well as providing recon for their team.

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