How to be a better fanboy

The background:

Everybody, everybody loves them. Nintendo fans exist at opposite ends of the spectrum – hardcore fans who've still got their N64s, post Mario speedruns on YouTube and tell everyone listening that Ocarina Of Time's the best game ever made... and people who'd never played a game before they had a go of Wii Bowling. With the Wii refusing to get in the my-processor's-bigger-than-yours one-upmanship that demeans the other consoles, it's tough to really hate, but also lacks the raw grunt to see it through a technical showdown. Point to the fact that Wii and DS get normal people playing games and show a willingness to think about new control technologies. Casually mention the 'similarity' between the Wii-mote and SixAxis, and ask any PS3 owners in the vicinity what the best use of motion control on their platform is. Talk about innovative games like Trauma Centre and Elite Beat Agents, which aren't available on any other console. And for Christ's sakeshut up about Red Steel.

Joel Snape
Joel Snape enjoys Street Fighter V, any sandbox game that contains a satisfyingly clacky shotgun and worrying about the rise of accidentally-malevolent super-AI. He's also the founder-editor of, where he talks a lot about working out.