How to be a better fanboy

The background:

With Bill Gates and some of the most potty-mouthed teenagers on the planet in its corner, it's difficult to see Xbox 360as a loveable underdog... but until recently, that's exactly what they were. The awkward growing pains are over – with the breezeblock-sized Xbox a distant memory, the slimline convex 360's a worthy addition to any living room, and uncle Bill's near-bottomless pockets mean there’s plenty of funding for the war effort. If there's an exclusive they want, Microsoft have got a good shot at keeping it – witness thealleged $50 million they flung at Rockstar for exclusive GTA IV content. With regular appearances on Entourage and the most vibrant online community around, 360's your pick whether you’re into sniping or ping-pong. If you're into hyper-cute Japanese RPGs? Okay, no so much.

Joel Snape
Joel Snape enjoys Street Fighter V, any sandbox game that contains a satisfyingly clacky shotgun and worrying about the rise of accidentally-malevolent super-AI. He's also the founder-editor of, where he talks a lot about working out.