How to be a better fanboy

The background:

It's the cool one: the one everyone's mum thinks about when you mention computer games, the one scaremongering newspapers always mention, the ones the bad kids play without any headphones on trains. PlayStation's popular, but it's also aspirational – the cinematic visuals of games like Heavenly Sword show that Sony are at least trying to push the boundaries of what's possible, while the likes of Uncharted and the latest Ratchet & Clank showcase pure gaming at its best.

If you're hitching yourself to the Sony wagon, you’ll want to point out that games like Loco Roco and Little Big Planet represent a welcome departure from the men-in-big-shoulder-pads Xbox 360 catalogue, then segue smoothly into talking about how Home's going to reinvent online interaction. Avoid thorny topics like Manchester Cathedral and the goat thing.

Joel Snape
Joel Snape enjoys Street Fighter V, any sandbox game that contains a satisfyingly clacky shotgun and worrying about the rise of accidentally-malevolent super-AI. He's also the founder-editor of, where he talks a lot about working out.