How to be a better fanboy

The background:

There are obvious benefits. You get a keyboard and mouse, which instantly makes it easier to play FPS games with the sort of terrifying precision that's impossible on a joypad. The online service is pretty much completely free. It's miles better if you want to play historical strategy games. And, of course, there's a ton of software available fornothing made available by charitable amateurs. But there's much more to playing on PC than simply spending your entire life gangkilling noobs in World Of Warcraft, and if you've got the money to spend you’ll be able to get a machine that dwarfs anything else on the market...

Joel Snape
Joel Snape enjoys Street Fighter V, any sandbox game that contains a satisfyingly clacky shotgun and worrying about the rise of accidentally-malevolent super-AI. He's also the founder-editor of, where he talks a lot about working out.