How to be a better fanboy

Sept 25, 2007

Fanboys! They're the purest, noblest breed of gamers in existence. The front line grunts in the neverending console war, their purpose is simple: blind, drone-like obedience to their chosen format, and an unwillingness to acknowledge that any other system might be worthwhile. Gaming simply wouldn't be the same without them – whether they're pointing out that 'PS3 ROCKS!11!' on a messageboard or calling you despicable names on Xbox Live, they're the spice in gaming's chunky broth.

Perhaps you've thought about becoming a fanboy – but it’s not as easy as all that, is it? With skirmishes between the consoles heating up on the road to Christmas, it's no longer enough to simply mumble about Xboxes getting a bit hot or PS3s being too expensive – you need to back your ranting up with cool, unassailable logic.

Do you know which console's the preferred choice of West Coast rap? Or how many teraflops PS3's contributing to the fight against Parkinson's disease? Which console does John 'Doom' Carmack prefer? Well, that's where GamesRadar comes in. Read the next four pages and you’ll be armed with those facts and more, perfectly placed to pick your console and take your place in the ranks. Choose wisely.

We begin with Microsoft...

Joel Snape
Joel Snape enjoys Street Fighter V, any sandbox game that contains a satisfyingly clacky shotgun and worrying about the rise of accidentally-malevolent super-AI. He's also the founder-editor of, where he talks a lot about working out.