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How big is the PS5? All your questions around the PS5 size answered

(Image credit: Sony)

It's been a little wait, but now we can finally answer the question of how big is the PS5? Ever since the PS5 design was first revealed, we knew that the PS5 dimensions would be pretty staggering. 

How big is the PS5?

(Image credit: Sony)

According to Sony, the PS5 measures up at: 

390mm tall x 260mm deep x 104mm wide

That's by far the biggest PlayStation console of all time, and may cause people some issues trying to squeeze it into existing TV units. 

However, there's a caveat to that. Sony freely admits that these dimensions do not include what it calls the PS5's "largest projections" or the base. So, those measurements do not take in the console's option base for holding it vertical or those big white fins that dominate its space-age look. 

To put it into context, it's going to dwarf the current PS4 Pro console. The PS4 Pro dimensions are as follows:

295mm wide × 55mm deep × 327mm long

How big is the PS5 Digital Edition?

(Image credit: Sony)

Don't get too excited about the fact that the PS5 Digital Edition is launching with a disc drive either, as actually that only introduces a size difference of 20mm - shaving a little heft off the side.

The PS5 Digital Edition dimensions are:

390mm x 92mm x 260mm

Again, not accounting for the stand or "largest projection". Wahey.

How big is the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X?

(Image credit: Sony / Microsoft)

Now, everyone has been taking the mickey out of the Xbox Series X since it was announced - with even Microsoft showcasing it alongside a fridge as part of the size comparisons. But folks, I hate to tell you, but the PS5 is bigger. It's slimmer yes, but deeper and quite a lot taller. 

The Xbox Series X is: 301mm tall x 151mm wide x 151mm deep 

That's some 89mm shorter than the PS5 when both consoles are standing vertically.

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