Chilling horror movie with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score is coming soon to Netflix – and it's being called Nightcrawler with witch doctors

Disappear Completely
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A new horror movie with great reviews is heading to UK Netflix very soon. Mexican horror Disappear Completely is directed by Luis Javier Henaine and features a chilling premise.

It follows a tabloid photographer who makes his money profiting off death. After visiting a particularly creepy crime scene, he falls prey to a mysterious disease that makes him lose his five senses one by one.

Per Digital Spy, the film is arriving on Netflix on April 12, two years after it premiered at Fantastic Fest back in 2022. And the reviews it has so far are pretty impressive, leaving the movie with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Leonardo Garcia Tsao from La Jornada writes that its "adherence to contemporary horror conventions and its open, pessimistic ending certainly places Disappear Completely among the most valid and interesting recent contributions to the genre".

Meanwhile, Father Son Holy Gore’s C.H. Newell writes: "Disappear Completely is an unnerving supernatural horror story that brings the morality of our everyday world into question when it comes to the pop culture obsession with true crime."

One of the most intriguing reviews comes from The Hollywood News’ Kat Hughes who calls it "a fusion of Nightcrawler with witch doctors," adding that "Disappear Completely straddles both the old and new world".

Nightcrawler is the Dan Gilroy-directed thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a photojournalist selling violent stories around Los Angeles. Based on the subject matter, it’s easy to see where the similarities come from, but it’s an impressive comparison nonetheless.

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