Horizon Zero Dawn 2 job listing says it's pushing for "industry-benchmark graphics"

(Image credit: Guerrilla)

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is going for "industry-benchmark graphics," judging by a Guerrilla Games job listing.

The listing on the official Guerrilla site calls for applications for the role of a technical vegetation artist, who will focus on creating "lush and stunning vegetation" so the studio's world-dressing team "can deliver our immersive world with industry-benchmark graphics". While the current version of the listing doesn't say what this artist position would work on, originally it specified work on "Horizon", as spotted by RespawnFirst lead editor Sikandar Mahmood.

Guerrilla has pushed its graphical prowess ever since the original Killzone, so it's no surprise that it's aiming to make its next project another industry benchmark. It's even more promising as a report recently confirmed that the sequel will be a PS5 exclusive.

The fact that the original job listing simply mentions Horizon also makes it seem likely that Guerrilla will either drop the last two-thirds of the name altogether or settle on something (not to get deep into any story spoilers, but Zero Dawn itself is a concept which is key to the first game). For branding purposes, appending a fresh subtitle onto the sequel seems the most likely.

This is about the closest Guerrilla Games has come to officially confirming it's working on a new Horizon game. However, years worth of leaks have already plainly established that it's on the way in one form or another. The big question that remains now is when we'll get our first official look at the game.

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