Horizon Forbidden West trailer introduces the tribes of the new region

The latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer offers a brief overview of the tribes Aloy will interact with out in the titular West, starting with the collaborative Carja and Oseram. 

The Oseram are depicted as handy people skilled in fishing, crafting, smithing, and more, whereas the more militant Carja watch over the terrain outside the borders of the Oseram's bustling city. The trailer revisits the all-consuming red blight, which is central to the game's story, in its introduction of the spiritual Utaru. "The Utaru sing to heal the land, but no hymn will save them," Aloy says. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Tenakth, who seem to be a more combative tribe living in so-called Clan Lands further west. 

These clans lead different lifestyles in strikingly different settlements, and while Aloy's narration describes a "fragile peace" between them, the trailer's quick to reiterate the pending threat of Regalla, who leads a hostile, machine-equipped army of rebels. Curiously, it also teases "an ever stronger tribe" which goes unnamed but apparently resides in "the very edge of the West." It sounds like we'll need to do some hiking if we want to make it to their domain – which we do, partly because it sounds like we could use their help, and because like them we're also eager to uncover new secrets out in the West.  

A new Horizon game is in the works exclusively for the newly detailed PSVR2 platform, and it casts Aloy as a supporting character to let a new protagonist take the stage. 

Austin Wood

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