Horizon Forbidden West players are noting all the Burning Shores quality-of-life changes Guerrilla isn't

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West fans think Guerrilla has quietly incorporated several quality-of-life features into the base game with the release of the Burning Shores DLC.

As one fan explains on Reddit, they've noticed some subtle changes to Horizon Forbidden West since the Burning Shores DLC was released last week. According to this player, they've seen changes in several areas of the game, including its NPCs, visuals, gameplay, animation, and more. 

One of the most noticeable changes comes down to the inhabitants of Horizon Forbidden West's world. According to this player, many of the game's locations are a lot livelier than before -  the main settlements apparently feature more children running around and other NPCs can be seen idly interacting with each other a lot more noticeably than they were pre-DLC.

Another highlight from the list is just how much better-looking Horizon Forbidden West is. This player has said they've noticed a number of visual improvements in the game, with several objects looking more detailed than they did before. More specifically, this player has noticed that the food that the Tenakth eat, the seafloor, sand particles, as well as other weather effects all look clearer. Speaking of the weather, this player also believes that Aloy reacts to the elements more than she did previously with new animations. 

There are also some potential gameplay improvements post-Burning Shores, as one player notes changes in things like enemy AI, Coils and Weaves drop rates, and more. As we said earlier, this isn't the only person to notice improvements in Horizon Forbidden West, other players have also been sharing what they've noticed including dialogue between NPCS, a new auto-pick option, plus many more. 

About to start exploring the Horizon DLC? Here's the full Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores map to help you on your way. 

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