Horizon Forbidden West fans hope for DLC news as Aloy actor returns to mocap studio

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West fans think DLC could be underway after one of the actors behind Aloy revealed that they'd once again donned a mocap suit.

Peggy Vrijens, who contributed to the more action-heavy aspects of Aloy's motion capture (as opposed to Ashly Burch's appearances in cutscenes), recently posted the video reel below to Instagram. Vrijens, whose only IMDB-listed appearance in a video game is in Horizon Forbidden West, said that she was "ready for some mocap action" as she donned the suit in a flashy transition.

In another post, Vrijens appears in her suit alongside actor Louis Van Beek, who also contributed various voices to the Forbidden West. The two posts are enough to get players wondering whether the pair are involved in motion capture for some kind of follow-up to the game. A post on Reddit asks whether this is a hint at upcoming Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

For others, that additional content is a case of when, not if, not least because they think they've already discovered the site of future Horizon Forbidden West DLC. Nestled off the corner of the map - much like the Frozen Wilds DLC for the original game - a mystery castle can be seen and seems like the perfect spot for the continuation of Aloy's story.

Of course, there's a chance that Vrijens and Van Beek are reuniting for a completely new project, but that seems relatively unlikely. Potential Forbidden West DLC seems unlikely to follow the Frozen Wilds' eight-month gap after Zero Dawn, but summer mocap could potentially lead to new content dropping sometime around Forbidden West's one-year anniversary. Of course, this mystery project could also be linked to VR spin-off Horizon: Call of the Mountain. That game doesn't feature Aloy as its protagonist, but there's still a chance that the series lead will be making an appearance of some kind. 

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