Horizon Forbidden West fans are already casting their Aloy for the Netflix adaptation

Horizon Forbidden West
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A Horizon TV adaptation has only just been announced, but fans are already casting their votes for the role of Aloy.

Earlier today, news broke of a TV adaptation of Horizon Forbidden West / Zero Dawn being in the works at Netflix, under the guidance of Sony. With this, Horizon fans are  now flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts on who should play protagonist Aloy, and one common line of thought seems to be Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie, seen just below.

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It's easy to see why Leslie immediately springs to mind for Aloy. Her Game of Thrones character bears a striking resemblance to Guerrilla's character, even boasting a strong affinity for archery. Maybe some of Leslie's training with a bow could come in handy were she tapped to play Aloy.

As many point out though, Leslie is a fair bit older in her mid-30s than Aloy is portrayed as being in Guerrilla's two games. A great alternative option should Netflix opt for a younger protagonist could be Erin Kellyman, as seen below, who you might recognise from Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

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The Horizon adaptation at Netflix wasn't the only project Sony unveiled earlier today. There's a God of War show in the works at Amazon Studios, and there's even a Gran Turismo TV show in the works at an unknown studio. This is all in addition to the Twisted Metal TV show and The Last of Us TV show, the latter of which has been shooting for a fair few months now in Canada, and could debut in early 2023.

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